AP is the consecration of a collaboration between performer, dancer, filmmaker and mystical song, this step is aboutissment of the performance of the element water, sublimated by the interpretation of a majestic performance


In Hinduism, Vāyu is the god of wind and Dikpâla or northwest keeper. Vayu would also be present inside the body, in the five vital breaths (prana) through which all physiological processes occur. Vāyu and one of nine elemental substances, it is in the cosmology of the human constitution: Body: Object of perception: Element: tvak (skin) Sparsa (touch or touch) Vāyu (air) this musical composition is my acoustic representation of the element at that moment, this is a first variation, I invite any dancer artist, musician, painter, photographer, video artist and performer to give his vision of the element that is the air with a creation "creative commons", the works will be published in a final assembly that will be available at the hearing in free listening and viewing free ...


open-hearted prayer, an electro-acoustic allegory with Kuji-in (Japanese esoteric Buddhism) voice for sensory exploration, follow the steps and let yourself be transported to the new inner door